Crazy golf


How many strokes will you need to complete all 9 holes of the crazy golf ?

Putters are available at reception and balls are on sale (2€).


Minigolf rules

The intention is to hole the ball in each track with as few strokes as possible.
The highest possible score at any hole is 7.If after 6 shots the ball has not been holed it is picked up immediately and a 7 is recorded on the scorecardWhen a ball in play does not pass the obstacle or pipe within 3 shots, it may be repositioned at the exit of the obstacle or pipe.  

Once an obstacle after three strokes not met, the ball just past the obstacle placed. There are 4 strokes counted.
When a ball comes to rest alongside or near to the perimeter boundary of a run, or to an obstacle, it can be repositioned (only by hand).

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