Walking, running ...


In the area

La Garangeoire has a protected environment of 200 hectares, and therefore an ideal area for walking or jogging.

Without leaving the domain of La Garangeoire, there are four great hiking trails, which are marked with a specific color, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


The discovery walk of La Garangeoire

Once a week, Anne or Eric invites you for an approximately 2 hour walk on the area of La Garangeoire. A discovery walk into the history of La Garangeoire and its surroundings.


Around lake Jaunay!

Near the campsite there are 11 different hiking trails of Lake Jaunay.

"Le Sentier des Souches": a dozen of trunks, mostly coming from the lake, processed and cut into true works of art. They are exposed along the path Land'Art with a length of 1.5 km.

"Le Sentier botanique du Jaunay": this 1.2 km long trail includes 33 information panels and reveals the diversity of the flora and fauna of the vendee.

"La Passerelle-observatoire": at Baudrières towards Moulin des Rochelles, along the way there are lots of information panels on terrestrial and water fauna and flora as well as the water retention. 

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